Month: April 2016

The Tallcorn Turns Two!

The Tallcorn Turns Two

On May 21, 2016, The Tallcorn, a CommonBond Communities housing community located in Marshalltown, Iowa, will turn two years old.  This $11 million redevelopment and historic preservation project turned a property in serious disrepair into a beautiful apartment complex, enhancing the character of the entire downtown area.  For the 62 individuals who now call The Tallcorn home, it’s more than a refurbished historical building in their community.  It is where they live independent lives in a safe, beautiful, and supportive environment.

Jaime Bachman-Behrends, CommonBond’s Advantage Services Coordinator at The Tallcorn, works tirelessly with residents to outline their personal goals and to make plans in order to achieve those goals.  Obtaining information and gaining access to providers of crucial and lifesaving resources can be a complicated and exhausting experience.  Jaime is the resource our residents turn to with questions regarding these difficult life situations.  With Jaime’s experience and strong community connections, she provides the guidance, follow through, and advocacy required to keep our residents on their paths to success.

Jaime is well known in the community and remembers as a young child travelling to The Tallcorn Hotel for special occasions such as holiday meals and birthdays.  Her grandparents even spent their wedding night at The Tallcorn Hotel!  She appreciates its history, beauty and importance to the community of Marshalltown.  As a member of the surrounding community, Jaime is committed to maintaining the vibrancy of this important asset for residents and community members alike.

As a result of Jaime’s connections and outreach efforts, many service and program partners work with residents at The Tallcorn such as Meals on Wheels, Iowa Home Care and Head Start.   She also provides and supports many community building activities which keep residents engaged and connected with their neighbors. The Tallcorn has met or exceeded expectations by providing stable, beautiful and affordable housing for a community that was in great need of such an option.  The Tallcorn may only be two years old, but it has already provided a lifetime worth of assistance to our residents.