Advantage Services

Advantage Services

CommonBond’s housing with services model helps build stable homes, strong futures, and vibrant communities. Our free, onsite services for residents include:

  • Academic and social support programs for youth.
  • Early childhood and parent education.
  • English language learning classes.
  • Individual counseling and referrals by experienced social service staff.
  • Career development services.
  • Access to computer technology, assistive technology, and health and wellness services.

Advantage Services overview

Advantage Services help to establish and preserve housing stability, which is good for residents, communities, and CommonBond. Government funding and private support allows us to develop and enhance our on-site Advantage Centers, initiate collaborations with schools and other community organizations, and ultimately provide residents with tools and supports to advance economically, educationally and vocationally.

For many of our residents, a CommonBond community is their first permanent home. For seniors it may be their last independent living experience, and for people with disabilities it means safety and accessibility. CommonBond offers all residents an opportunity to establish stability in an affordable, safe, and service-enriched setting.

Read more about Advantage Services for Youth, Families and Adults and Seniors and People with Disabilities.



Carol at East Shore Place

A 2006 study on our housing with services model indicates the return on the investment we make in Advantage Services is $1.50 for every $1.00 spent.