A Light on in the Window
Posted on: December 21, 2015, by : admin


Just over five years ago I wrote about our new housing CommonBond community right off of I94 serving long-term homeless individuals. I drove by daily and watched the building being renovated. One evening near the holidays, when the days grew dark early, it was overwhelming to drive by and see lights glowing in the finished apartments, and even see some holiday lights starting to twinkle in the building. Our residents were out of the cold and living in their own apartments. Many for the first time in years.

I have since moved, but the same feelings overwhelm me this holiday season as I drive home past Fort Snelling Upper Post Veterans Community. Fifty eight formerly homeless veterans and their families now have a place to call their own. Veterans who bravely served our country are now safe, they are warm, and they are truly “home for the holidays.”

Thank you to all who have supported our veterans and CommonBond Communities this year.

Marilyn Peller Nelson, Resource Development