A Soldier Comes Home
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Glenn always knew he wanted to be in the military. His father was career military and Glenn liked the comaraderie and challenge the military offered. He originally wanted to join the Air Force but according to Glenn, the Army “promised” him more. “My recruiter promised me I’d be stationed in Hawaii and as a nineteen-year-old who hadn’t traveled much that sounded really good!” Unfortunately for Glenn, he never made it to Hawaii because a knee injury in basic training derailed his military career aspirations. According to Glenn, “It’s tough when your plans completely change – it can derail the rest of your life.”

After leaving the military, Glenn worked for years in both the postal service and produce industry, but was always struggling with his knee. “I couldn’t be on my feet all day – my knee just wouldn’t take it.” A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Glenn moved up here when he was young because his mom had health issues and she wanted better medical care and schools for her children. According to Glenn, he came back to Minnesota when he lost his opportunity in the Army because he had a lot of family and friends up here. “I hated winter, but then summer comes around and I forget what a pain winter is!”

A proud father of a seven-year-old, Glenn emphasizes that his son is his primary focus. “I live for my son . . . making sure he does well in school and a good home is where I put all my energy.”
Glenn struggled most of his life to make ends meet and was always struggling with the cost of housing. He is extremely grateful for CommonBond’s housing at Fort Snelling. As Glenn puts it, “Having this beautiful home which I appreciate so much has taken the weight of the world off of my shoulders. It is peaceful here and I feel like I can stabilize my life and work to better myself for the future.”

It was just by chance that Glenn learned about CommonBond’s housing for homeless veterans. He remembers being at the local Veterans Administration for an appointment and noticing a flyer about the new project. According to Glenn, that moment changed his life. “I feel like I’ve come full circle,” said Glenn. “I am back in what was originally built as military housing which I respect so much. I am home.”

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