CommonBond Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday
Posted on: January 11, 2017, by : Alicia Cordes-Mayo

Photo of older man wearing glasses and a red and blue plaid shirt, smiling at camera“Moving to Goldendale Homes is the best move I’ve ever made!” says CommonBond resident Norman Oletzke. He has lived at Goldendale Homes, a CommonBond community in Annandale, MN, for almost 18 years. Goldendale also happens to be a quarter of a mile from the farm where he was born. Norm will soon celebrate his 100th birthday – and still lives independently with very few services.

You will often see Norm headed down the hall on his scooter, pulling his laundry basket behind him because he still does his own laundry (and takes his trash down to the dumpster, too). He recently invited his neighbor over to celebrate New Year’s Eve – and prepared a chicken dinner for her!

For seniors on fixed and limited incomes, affordable housing is a key element in maintaining independence. The community that we foster helps keep seniors engaged with one another and with the broader community, which helps them lead happier and healthier lives. CommonBond’s Advantage Services help them stay physically independent as long as possible by helping prevent falls and increasing strength.

CommonBond has developed and manages 40 senior housing communities serving nearly 3,000 residents of 62+ years in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Our senior residents have an average household income of just over $17,000. The vast majority have assets of less than $5,000 – so you can imagine that without CommonBond housing, they wouldn’t have many options.

Norm says, “The best part of living in a CommonBond Community is I am comfortable and have never had any problems. I have many good friends in the building that I can trust and they trust me.”

His favorite quote seems to be a good one to live by: Eat when you’re hungry and drink when you are dry; if nothing else happens you’ll live until you die! Happy 100th birthday, Norm!