Making Volunteering a Priority
Posted on: April 22, 2015, by : admin


Krista WilsonKrista Wilson, a young and busy professional, has already made volunteering for CommonBond a priority in her life. Due to her changing work schedule, she has filled multiple volunteer positions over the past four years. Her passion for the organization and the residents that it serves remains strong as ever.

Krista has served as a Study Buddy, an assistant with the pre-school and Campfire programs, and volunteered at two different housing communities. She also volunteers at CommonBond’s major fundraising events. She has just about done it all!

Throughout her years of service, she keeps coming back for one main reason. Krista believes strongly that not only does CommonBond do an exceptional job of providing safe, clean and convenient affordable housing communities, but also makes the surrounding communities that much stronger as a result. She loves volunteering with an organization that can impact so many individuals outside of the immediate program beneficiaries.

She applauds the Advantage Service programs which provide structured, formal, results-oriented programming options for adults, children and seniors. However, she’s quick to point out that for her, CommonBond stands out because of all of the “little things” that the organization provides. For example, she recounted one time seeing a non-English speaking Somali resident bring her mail down to the Advantage Center to ask the staff to help her sort out her junk mail from her important mail. Or the fact that on countless occasions she heard staff give directions to the grocery store or assist a resident with the bus schedule. According to Krista, “It is the small touches by staff that ensure residents are on the right path. Without CommonBond, where would they go for help?”