Deidre Schmidt: A Message from the President
Posted on: September 22, 2016, by : Alicia Cordes-Mayo

Deidre Schmidt

Every year, National Night Out events take place in communities across our state, and many of you likely attended one in your neighborhood. I always enjoy these gatherings – they’re great opportunities for community building and conversation with my neighbors. Similarly, every July and August, CommonBond helps stage National Night Out events at properties across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Of the 21 CommonBond gatherings this year, some were small, intimate events, while others were large productions with hundreds of people in attendance.

I had fun volunteering at the Seward Tower East event in Minneapolis, which featured food, two bounce houses, face painting and henna designs, and community information booths. The highlight for me was seeing Minneapolis police officers dancing with residents, neighbors, and traditional dancers affiliated with the Somali Museum. I found this to be particularly joyous and healing, in light of recent events in our nation which have highlighted the tensions between law enforcement and low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

Over the course of the year, these types of CommonBond events rely on hundreds of hours of volunteer efforts. It always inspires me to see the number of community members and CommonBond staff who volunteer for these gatherings. You can get involved in these fun events by contacting

Seward Tower East
Residents, police officers, and community members enjoying National Night Out at Seward Tower East

Resident gatherings are only a small part of the work we do to create connections – both within our properties and with the larger surrounding communities. National Night Out events and other efforts are part of the power of home. In this issue, you’ll see how the power of home brings together funding partners, mission-driven investors, residents, and staff members. Thank you for your ongoing support of CommonBond and the thousands of people who live in CommonBond communities.