Senior Property Enjoys Landscaping Transformation
Posted on: October 19, 2016, by : Alicia Cordes-Mayo

Large group of 20 people, cutting an orange ribbon with oversized scissorsThanks to a grant from the Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS® (MAAR) Foundation and a cadre of their dedicated volunteers, a long overdue landscaping project at our St. Anne’s Senior Housing community in North Minneapolis was recently completed.

st-annes-landscapingWhen CommonBond purchased St. Anne’s in 2007, numerous outdoor projects needed significant attention. The $10,000 grant from MAAR Foundation allowed CommonBond to complete the irrigation, landscaping, and construction of raised garden beds for the 70 St. Anne’s senior residents to enjoy.

MAAR is a hands-on foundation, preferring to fund projects it can also support with volunteer efforts. The foundation volunteers worked with professional contractors to complete the project last month. Decaying shrubbery and old sod were removed to make way for a beautiful, inviting courtyard. MAAR volunteers planted dozens of shrubs, hauled and smoothed mulch, and shared lunch and laughter.

“We are giving seniors an outdoor green space to enjoy,” said Dave Philp, 2016 MAAR Foundation Chair. “With gardens growing from spring to fall, it will keep residents engaged with the seasons and support a presence of nature. A city garden softens a neighborhood that is often heavily paved with concrete.”

Two wooden flower boxes and new soil and plants at newly landscaped propertyThe result was astonishing – a total transformation in one day. The residents and site staff members could not have been more pleased. Check out the KSTP-TV coverage of the project.

“This garden at St. Anne’s Senior Housing will not only benefit our residents but also the broader community,” said Jamille Page, St. Anne’s property manager. “Our residents will have beautiful scenic views to enjoy with family and friends while also being able to cultivate fruits, plants and vegetables. The beautification of St. Anne’s garden will build a sense of ownership and pride among the residents and the community.”

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