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Celebrating 50 Years

Our Neighbors, Our Communities

We’re excited to share that 2021 marks our 50th year of building stable homes, strong futures, and vibrant communities!

Since the very beginning of our organization, we’ve witnessed how the safety and refuge of a home has empowered people to reach goals and thrive. And after an especially challenging year, we’ve seen how that critical component of housing stability has enabled folks to both step up for one another and lean on their neighbors in times of need. With all of this in mind, we celebrate our 50th year with the theme of “Our Neighbors, Our Communities” at heart.

Throughout the year, we’ll share stories that illuminate and celebrate the neighbors and communities at the core of our work—reflecting on the people and moments that have brought us to our 50th anniversary, as well as looking forward to continued growth over the next 50 years.

Stay tuned for stories of resilience, history, community, and more throughout the year.

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