Our Mission

Our work comes from a simple notion: Home is the foundation for everything in life. Our expertise ranges from interacting with officials on complex legislation to investing in and developing properties, to making sure a child has a place to do homework.

Since the early 1970s, CommonBond Communities has provided homes and support for those most in need. We were founded in part as a response to racial and economic injustices. Today, nearly 50 years later, injustices still exist and our mission is more relevant than ever.

“Home” isn’t just about a building. It’s about creating a better life for the people who live inside.

“I have had many advantages, and a great way for me to gift others is by contributing to the sustainability of CommonBond – a solid and viable organization – and its residents.”

George Golden

“My family is blessed to have found such a great organization at a time when we were hitting rock bottom! Thank you so much!”

Tiffany Ivie

“CommonBond does so many things to help and support people. What a great asset to the community!”

Cindy Pemble-Diel

In 2016, CommonBond’s homes and services were the catalyst for these life-strengthening achievements:

• 65% of Study Buddies participants read at grade level (compared to 39% for local school districts)

• 100% of high school seniors in teen programs graduated high school (compared to 60-70% for local school districts)

• 242 adults in job placement programs moved from unemployment into new jobs

• 371 (93% of families at-risk) evictions were prevented, helping families maintain stability and kids attend school.

• 2,948 CommonBond residents strengthened their ties to the larger community by attending events in their neighborhood

We are CommonBond. We build stable homes, strong futures, and vibrant communities.