Joe'Mar Hooper

Wisconsin Market Leader

I believe housing is the foundation for building a stable and secure life.

Joe'Mar Hooper head shot. He's wearing a navy suit coat, light colored shirt, and a patterned tie, and smiling at the camera.

Joe’Mar is the inaugural Wisconsin Market Leader for CommonBond Communities. His role is to build on the success CommonBond has had in Wisconsin since 2005 while creating new opportunities for CommonBond to expand and grow its presence throughout the state. He oversees real estate business development, fundraising, partnership development, and organizational visibility as the lead external staff in Wisconsin.  Additionally, Joe’Mar oversees the development and recruitment of the Wisconsin Board of Managers.

Over the past 13 years, Joe’Mar has held leadership roles in various sections of government in Wisconsin, including the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools, and the State of Wisconsin. He has a passion for promoting good public policy and efficient operations while working to ensure the most vulnerable populations and communities are not left behind.

Why this work matters:
I believe housing is the foundation for building a stable and secure life. In my community, I have seen time and time again how the safety and security afforded by a stable home can combat the negativity sometimes tied to housing insecurity – including witnessing trauma, violence, lack of educational attainment, joblessness, and a prevailing sense of hopelessness. CommonBond Communities and its staff work every day to provide opportunities for families, seniors, veterans, people experiencing homelessness, and other populations to have access to a home where they can begin the journey to success with the backing of a strong housing community and our Advantage Services.

Favorite room in my house:
Our rec room. It’s a gathering place for our family and friends, and I enjoy creating new memories with them in our home.

Home is:
Sanctuary, Family, Fellowship


Contact Joe’Mar:
+1 (414) 292-2545