Lisa Wilcox-Erhardt

Executive Vice President of Housing & Services

Head shot of Lisa Wilcox-Erhardt. She's wearing a black shirt and suit coat, and smiling at the camera.

Lisa has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the program areas of Property Management and Advantage Services. As a member of the Executive Team she works to drive organizational operations and lead annual planning efforts.

For more than 13 years, Lisa’s work has been connected to affordable housing. Every day there is a person she meets, a statistic she reads, or a situation she witnesses that makes her pause and examine her experiences while growing up and in life today. While many times there may have been cracks in her foundation, she feels fortunate to have had stability and strength – and home was as much a feeling as a place for her.

Lisa uses her wealth of professional experiences, as well as a B.A. in Political Science and work with local government, to help lead housing policy and advocacy efforts for CommonBond.

Why this work matters:
CommonBond Communities’ work supports and uplifts what drives and motivates me. I have a passionate belief that affordable, safe, and stable housing is foundational for building individual independence and success, as well as strengthening communities and economic development.

Home is:
Family, Acceptance, and Safe.

Favorite mission moment:
The first day of occupancy at any new housing community. This is tangible confirmation that CommonBond is working tirelessly to close the gap on the need for affordable housing.

Contact Lisa:
+1 (651) 290-6238