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We’re coming to Rapid City!

For more than three years, Aeon, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, CommonBond Communities and Project for Pride in Living have joined forces (and data) to learn more about the relationship between criminal history and success in housing. This is a first-of-its-kind study, and we’re proud to finally announce the results of this collaborative research project. This […]

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Pohlad Family Foundation dedicates $500K for Gateway Northeast

As you may know, 2019 was a year of tremendous growth for CommonBond. Between 2019 and 2020, we will have been acquiring, rehabbing, and constructing more than 900 units of affordable housing. Many people wonder how we fund all of this development—the truth is that it takes numerous partners… Read More

A foundation for taking steps

Homelessness and mental illness are often directly connected. For Anna, a CommonBond supporter, both have had a huge effect on her family through her daughter’s experience. Read as she shares part of her daughter’s story, and how finding stability within her CommonBond community is reshaping her daughter’s life and their… Read More

Let’s Fix the Court — Give to the Max!

Think back to when you were growing up. Where do some of your favorite childhood memories take place? Maybe it was your backyard, a cabin, or the nearby playground. For CommonBond youth at our Torre de San Miguel property, the place for making memories is on the basketball court at… Read More

Bringing Midway Peace Park to Life

After 10 years of advocating, organizing, and designing, Midway Peace Park is now under construction in St. Paul—and a celebration was very much in order! Recently, the St. Paul Midway neighborhood hosted a party called “The Park is Coming” to celebrate this monumental community feature. It was also a chance… Read More

Meet Rachel, Grand Key Award winner

We’re proud to announce our 2019 Grand Key Award winner, Rachel Ladd, who was presented with the award (and a well-deserved Wonder Woman headband) at CommonBond’s all-staff retreat. Rachel is an Advantage Services Coordinator at our Yorkdale Townhomes community in Edina, MN. The Grand Key Award honors an employee who… Read More

Creating Opportunities for Vibrant Lives

 “In this building there is purpose. That’s the most important thing about this building.” – Judy, a CommonBond resident Throughout life, we’re all looking for a feeling of belonging and purpose. But as we age, that sense of… Read More

School’s out for summer. Now what?

Rachel Ladd is a CommonBond Advantage Services Coordinator at Yorkdale Townhomes in Edina, MN. Think back—can you remember that last-day-of-school feeling? The promise of summer freedom is usually irresistible. But after the first week of sleeping in and playing video games all day, the boredom sets in. And when a… Read More

We’re coming to Rapid City!

We’re excited to share we are expanding the geography of our work by teaming up with great partners in Rapid City, South Dakota! With plans to begin acquiring and developing in 2019, we’re working closely with Rapid City leaders and advocates to not only positively impact housing needs, but also… Read More

Stopping the Summer Slide

With warm weather consistently rolling in, many people are excited for what finally feels to be the start of summer. Family vacations, baseball games, and grilling out are welcome anticipations. But buried under these fun plans is a problem that many families struggle with: how do we keep kids cared… Read More

Four Eviction Myths

Evictions are traumatic, and over the years, we’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about them. We can all agree that evictions are bad, but the impacts are a lot farther reaching than most realize. So, we want to take a minute to share a few of the more… Read More