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Eviction Prevention: It’s at the Heart of our Work

Evictions are challenging. And every eviction costs money to the resident as well as our entire community. We recently engaged Ernst & Young to study the impact of our Eviction Prevention services for residents. Better understanding this program—which is at the core of our Advantage Services model—helps us talk with our partners and the community […]

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School’s out for summer. Now what?

Rachel Ladd is a CommonBond Advantage Services Coordinator at Yorkdale Townhomes in Edina, MN. Think back—can you remember that last-day-of-school feeling? The promise of summer freedom is usually irresistible. But after the first week of sleeping in and playing video games all day, the boredom sets in. And when a… Read More

Stopping the Summer Slide

With warm weather consistently rolling in, many people are excited for what finally feels to be the start of summer. Family vacations, baseball games, and grilling out are welcome anticipations. But buried under these fun plans is a problem that many families struggle with: how do we keep kids cared… Read More

Four Eviction Myths

Evictions are traumatic, and over the years, we’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about them. We can all agree that evictions are bad, but the impacts are a lot farther reaching than most realize. So, we want to take a minute to share a few of the more… Read More

Success in housing: How much does criminal background matter?

For more than three years, Aeon, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, CommonBond Communities and Project for Pride in Living have joined forces (and data) to learn more about the relationship between criminal history and success in housing. This is a first-of-its-kind study, and we’re proud to finally announce the results of… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Sean

Late in 2016, Sean Reisman was searching for a volunteer opportunity. An attorney by day, Sean wanted a meaningful way to connect with his community, and his goal was two-fold: First, he needed an outlet outside of litigation work to dedicate some time and resources to. Second, he wanted that… Read More

News: Volunteers and Working for a Better St. Paul

CommonBond is proud to partner with Interfaith Action Coalition, who help connect our volunteer tutor opportunities with engaged members of faith communities in and around St. Paul.  Read an article by their president, Randi Roth, about their vision for a more compassionate greater St. Paul!… Read More

Building Community at Westminster Place

The youth at Westminster Place walk into the community room, excitedly chattering and laughing with each other. Without breaking stride, they head over to the space where the reading mats are folded and stacked neatly. Following some negotiations about who gets which mat, the kids greet the volunteer reader, lay… Read More

National Night Out at Granada Lakes Townhomes

This past August, the CommonBond team at Granada Lakes Townhomes hosted a lively National Night Out for their community, complete with a fire truck, face painting, and a raffle for prizes. “We had a great turn out, and the youth and adults really had fun,” said Jelanna LaFleur-Donaby, the Youth… Read More

News: Asylum seekers safe in Cedar Rapids

Asylum seekers safe in Cedar Rapids, Iowa after crossing 10 countries “The first night we slept here is the first day I felt at peace since we started our journey,” Mutonji said. “I feel like I can start to build my life again.” After a grueling, perilous journey, one family has… Read More

Dublin Crossing Brings Affordable Housing to Mankato

“It’s really about providing people who do good and necessary jobs in Mankato with a place they can afford to live in a good location.” With the development of the region outpacing housing, we’re excited to be part of the much-needed affordable options in the Mankato community! Learn more about… Read More