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Consistent, predictable cash flow helps nonprofits manage and forecast in countless ways, and pre-scheduled payments make it easier for you to give throughout the year. It’s a win-win. Select “monthly” under frequency on the donation form to help us all year long. Your monthly donations will help support our mission to provide affordable housing for residents in need across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Thank you for helping us support our residents with safe and stable homes. 

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Early education is important, ensuring kids have a good foundation for bright futures. Compared to 39% for local school districts, 65% of our CommonBond Study Buddies participants read at grade level.

We’re proud of the students who live in our communities. And when we see 100% (compared to 60% for local school districts) of high school seniors who participated in our teen programs graduate, it makes our hearts full.

Through our Advantage Services job placement programming, 242 adults in 2016 moved from unemployment into new jobs.

And many others are increasing their monthly incomes when they work with an employment coach, seeing a boost to their monthly incomes of, on average, $1000. Wow.

Prevention is important. We create pro-active, welcoming relationships with our residents. And last year, 767 evictions were prevented, helping families maintain stability and kids attend school. That’s 767 households that have one less thing to worry about tonight.

Resident Stories

“There’s a lot of activity here and I love every minute of it.”


Resident Stories

“My goal is to be a homeowner and in my new home by fall!”


Resident Stories

“I want parents to see their kids gathering together and being happy.”


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