Resident Stories

People are at the heart of our mission to create stable homes, strong futures, and vibrant communities. Here are stories from CommonBond residents that demonstrate how our work comes to life and how we partner with residents to create bright futures.

Coincidental Connection: A Study Buddies Story

CommonBond is dedicated to providing residents with the resources they need to thrive. For the youth in our communities, that often comes in the form of our Study Buddies program. Study Buddies pairs students with volunteer adult mentors, and is designed to strengthen academic skills while also building a positive, trusting relationship with a caring adult. Bahjo is a 10-year-old student, avid reader, and Skyline resident. Working with her Study Buddy, Hayley, she decided to enter one of her recent favorite books into a contest at school. It was then that Hayley and Bahjo realized their coincidental pairing had connected them in a totally unexpected way.
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A Move Toward Homeownership

In 2011, Talise Owens-Hundley moved into a CommonBond community. Soon after, she enrolled in school and received her associate degree in early childhood education. She continued working, and a few years later she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Throughout this time, she received several promotions and no longer qualified for public assistance. She also got married, and wanted to be in an excellent school district. With the help and support of a CommonBond staff member, Talise met with a lender and began the process to purchase a home. Her goal is to become a homeowner and move in this fall!
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A Partner and a Friend

An Unexpected Friendship

Last summer, CommonBond began renovating a group of housing communities in Minneapolis. Residents were able to remain in their homes during the renovations. For some, the construction was merely an annoyance, but for one family in particular, the noise and unfamiliar faces had the potential to completely disrupt their world. Jordan Ewart enjoys music, roller skating, and shopping. He also has a severe form of autism that renders him nonverbal. Any change in schedule is a major challenge for him and his mother, Jila. Thanks to the Frerichs Construction foreman and team, Jordan and Jila made it through the renovations comfortably -- and with a new friend by their side.

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