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A Helping Hand

Alberta moved into Garden Terrace Commons in Little Canada in 2016 and has since garnered a reputation as the “go-to lady” for everything. All her life, Alberta has liked to keep busy, and her time at Garden Terrace has been no exception. “I’ve never been one to sit around doing nothing,” she says, and this is illustrated through the long list of activities on her plate. Alberta is on the CommonBond Board for Garden Terrace, is the Treasurer of the Resident Council, and volunteers in a myriad of ways. 

Cooking is another way that Alberta cares for residents in the building. She explains, “My mother made sure all of us knew how to cook, and I like to cook. Cooking for one has never been my thing, so I make spaghetti or goulash, and I share with other people in the building that I know don’t cook.” Alberta says her mom is a huge inspiration and motivation for her can-do and caring attitude. “My mom always took care of people, and we grew up with that. You do what you can for other people, and that’s the way I get happiness—by helping other people.” 

Volunteering and holding leadership roles in the community also provides connection for Alberta and others. “You get to meet people, see people, and find out how they’re doing. I enjoy it. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the people here.” It’s all about the people for Alberta. “You get to be friends with them,” she says—both residents and staff. 

At CommonBond, we aim to provide stable homes in flourishing communities. We provide the foundation of home, and residents then step up as leaders in their community to make it what it is: a vibrant, enjoyable place to live. It’s folks like Alberta who offer a helping hand to those around them that bring this vibrancy to life.

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