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We envision a day when all people have access to a place they can call their own. We’re so thankful for the progress made and the 13,000 individuals we already serve, but we’ve got more work to do. And the honest truth is, every dollar, gesture, and helping hand makes a difference. Keep reading to see all the ways you can get involved and help individuals, families and ultimately, entire communities thrive.

Every penny helps

No, really. Every amount donated goes directly to help the communities we serve, both through services that support our residents and through property development that helps facilitate safe, stable, and affordable housing. Through corporate, individual and legacy gifts, there are many ways to support CommonBond. We know there are many places to donate to, so we appreciate when you add us to your charitable portfolio.

Donate Today

Volunteer Your Time

Every moment matters. And CommonBond volunteers, well, they are like none other. We have opportunities for you to use your skills in language and math to be a study buddy, a mentor for kids in their formative years, and much more. Whether you have five hours a week or one hour a month to give, we’d love to have you and our residents would, too.

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Help Us Spread the Word

Times, they are changing. And the challenges facing nonprofits and organizations like CommonBond are difficult in the new normal. How we regain power: In addition to giving your time and financial contributions, we need people to send letters, talk to their elected officials, and have conversations with their peer groups. The forces of poverty are strong, but together we are stronger. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more about how you can use your voice.

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