Our Mission

CommonBond’s mission is to build stable homes, strong futures, and vibrant communities.

Our mission is to build

Stable homes, Strong futures, Vibrant communities.

Our Vision

CommonBond’s vision is that every person has a dignified, affordable home that supports independence and advancement within a flourishing community.

Our Equity Vision Statement

We commit to becoming an anti-racist organization. CommonBond Communities was created, and participates in, a society built on systemic oppression of indigenous people and people of color, which is why we place equity at the core of our work with residents, employees, and the Board. We will also use our leverage to influence systems and add to the body of understanding around how housing can be a tool to dismantle inequities.

Working with Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) members, CommonBond has committed to SAHF's Racial Equity Pledge. We believe that taking an anti-racist stance is important given the history and lingering dynamics in our country and specifically in the housing industry.

Our Approach to Housing & Services

Home is the foundation for everything in life.

At CommonBond, we know that access to affordable housing is the most fundamental indicator of long-term success. And more importantly, lack of access to a home can be overwhelming and isolating. That is why our mission begins with providing folks with an affordable, stable home.

When someone has an affordable place to live, children do better in schools, adults are more productive in their work, and families are able to contribute to their community.



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Wraparound services to help our neighbors thrive.

Our program model is what sets us apart from other housing providers. We provide life-enhancing services that equip residents of all ages – including children, families, veterans, and older adults – to reach their goals and thrive.

Advantage Services focuses on four key areas:

Our Advantage Services staff are available to support residents—whether through rent relief, assisting with food and transportation resources, advocating for residents’ needs, and more.

Our Impact

Every day, our supporters, volunteers, staff, and community members make our work possible. Below you can view our latest annual report with resident testimonials, stories of impact, program statistics, and financial information.