Inclusion Council

CommonBond Communities Inclusion Council

Why Inclusion is Important Work

CommonBond recognizes that our society is built on power structures and systems that unfairly favor some individuals over others. The opportunities, resources, and respect that individuals are given in our society vary depending on any number of factors that are beyond the control of that individual such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, sex, age, etc. Without vigilance and action by individuals and institutions, the inequities in our society will continue to grow.

CommonBond was born in 1971 from a faith-based movement for social justice. Although we are no longer aligned with any faith, part of how we stay true to the social justice intent of our founders is by working to make ourselves, our organization, and the world around us more self-aware and active in change with regard to racial equity, diversity and inclusion.


CommonBond knows this is difficult work. Minor and major offenses are found in daily interactions among individuals regardless of intent. Inclusion is not just about understanding, but also appreciating the differences in our team members so that we may honor and grow from them. The action and tools from this council will help to create a space for open communication, productive conflict, and fruitful reconciliation. Stronger relationships can be formed which adds to the success of our mission to create vibrant communities. CommonBond works to amplify the ideas and input from every culture and population it serves.

The CommonBond Inclusion Council

The Inclusion Council is a means of engaging staff at all levels of the organization who wish to provide leadership around issues of inclusion, diversity, and equity at CommonBond. These issues are important and are a reflection of our organization’s roots in the social justice movement. CommonBond advances equity through the development and operation of well-located, quality affordable housing with services, and sees this work as a significant tool for working toward equity in our communities.

And still, our organization aspires to do more. We recognize there are innumerable opportunities to make change – places where our society falls short with negative results for CommonBond residents. We also believe our work toward the ideals of equity and inclusion must first start “at home.” 

Group of individuals standing outside. Eleven people are standing in the back row, and four people are kneeling in the front row. There is snow on the ground and bare trees in the background.

For this reason, the Inclusion Council places a priority on efforts that increase our own effectiveness at establishing and maintaining a welcoming work environment for all. This is foundational to CommonBond’s ability to be an agent for change in the larger society.