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Advantage Services

For those experiencing poverty, access to affordable housing is the most fundamental indicator of long-term success. And more importantly, for each of these people, lack of access to a home can be overwhelming, and potentially isolating. This is why we’ve built a comprehensive approach to affordable housing, creating proactive partnerships with CommonBond residents to help them navigate complex systems that disrupt positive outcomes. This array of life-changing programs and services demonstrates time and time again that, given the right opportunities, every person can flourish.

Our goal areas:

CommonBond Communities Advantage Services Infographic


Planning for
Bright Futures

95% of teens engaged in future and post-secondary school planning through the Teen Programs.

Finding Long-lasting

Last year, staff worked with 52 families as they moved into homeownership, helping them continue on a path to long-lasting stability.

Building Community

2,492 residents and community members participated in community-building events.

Advancing Lives, One Household at a Time.

Supporting our residents is so much more than building stronger economic outcomes for the neighborhoods we work with; it’s the right thing to do. Programming is available to all CommonBond residents and is tied to four strategic priorities:


We know that through these focus areas, we’re able to support residents in finding solutions that matter. Our Advantage Services and Property Management teams work together to pro-actively support residents in a multitude of areas, such as subsidized housing, Section 8 vouchers, mentor programs for students, job training, career development, veterans programs, and much, much more.

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CommonBond Communities offers a variety of wellness and exercise programs for older adults. Click here to learn more (and get movin’).

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