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Advantage Services

For those experiencing poverty, access to affordable housing is the most fundamental indicator of long-term success. And more importantly, for each of these people, lack of access to a home can be overwhelming, and potentially isolating. This is why we’ve built a comprehensive approach to affordable housing, creating proactive partnerships with CommonBond residents to help them navigate complex systems that disrupt positive outcomes. This array of life-changing programs and services demonstrates time and time again that, given the right opportunities, every person can flourish.

Our goal areas:

CommonBond Communities Advantage Services Infographic


Avoiding and Preventing Evictions

Of the households who had a lease violation in the past 12 months, 81% maintained housing at CommonBond Communities or exited positively.

Planning for
Bright Futures

94% of teens engaged in future and post-secondary school planning with the help of volunteers through the teen program.

Community Leaders

Without having to worry about an affordable home, 680 of our residents are now actively participating in their communities as leaders.

Advancing Lives, One Household at a Time.

Supporting our residents is so much more than building stronger economic outcomes for the neighborhoods we work with; it’s the right thing to do. Programming is available to all CommonBond residents and is tied to four strategic priorities:

  • Stability & Independence
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education & Advancement
  • Community Building & Engagement

We know that through these focus areas, we’re able to support residents in finding solutions that matter. Our Advantage Services and Property Management teams work together to pro-actively support residents in a multitude of areas, such as subsidized housing, Section 8 vouchers, mentor programs for students, job training, career development, veterans programs, and much, much more.

Download our Advantage Services overview here.

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CommonBond Communities offers a variety of wellness and exercise programs for older adults. Click here to learn more (and get movin’).

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