Tonieh’s Story

A Foundation to Thrive

On a snowy Christmas morning at the Drake Hotel in Minneapolis, Tonieh and her family were sleeping peacefully only to wake up to the smell of smoke. A fire had broken out in the hotel, which was designated as an overflow shelter for families experiencing homelessness in Hennepin County. What should have been a joyful day turned into a nightmare for Tonieh and the 240 residents of the hotel who had nowhere to go.

Fortunately, after the fire, Tonieh and her family found their way to a church shelter in downtown Minneapolis where she was able to connect with CommonBond for housing. About five years ago, she moved into Granada Lakes Townhomes where she began to forge a path forward.

In Minnesota there are thousands of families like Tonieh’s who need a safe place to land and plan for their futures. Additionally, half of all renters in our state are cost burdened each month. When costs are already too high for basic expenses such as rent, utilities, and food, one small mishap like a lost job, medical bill, or car accident can put a family at risk for eviction or homelessness.

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Having shelter is a basic human need, and once folks are set up with this critical building block, they can focus on the things that matter most. Not only did Tonieh gain a safe and stable home at CommonBond, but she received support in finding employment, going back to school, and managing her finances. Now she has her sights set on something larger: owning a business.

At CommonBond, we provide affordable homes that people can love and cherish. It is from this foundation that folks can raise their families, all while pursuing their passions and purpose.

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