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Employee Appreciation Day: Grand Key Award

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, we're proud to announce our 2020 Grand Key Award winner, Hayley Nemmers!

The Grand Key Award is presented each year to a CommonBond staff member who has been nominated by their coworkers for dedication to their team, residents, and our mission.

One of the things that set Hayley apart was the sheer number of people across the organization who recognized her commitment to the mission and passion for the work and serving residents.

Some of the most memorable statements from those nominations include:

  • Hayley’s passion for her work is highly visible and her enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. She is a great ambassador for CommonBond. She shows up in so many spaces (sites other than her own, CAR, Iowa storm, Census, special events, etc.) for the benefit of CommonBond – she’s always available to assist, coordinate, and bring things together.
  • She was a tremendous asset to the team during the Iowa storm relief. Her unwavering flexibility as we determined how to best support residents was key. I appreciated her swift leadership in meeting resident needs, and her faithful joy that kept spirits high!
  • I appreciate her willingness to reflect and suggest improvements. She is an asset to CommonBond and our conversations are lively and thought-provoking!
  • She brings enthusiasm, organization, and fresh ideas to this work! Love her strong efforts and enthusiasm around Census engagement!

In addition to doing her job exceptionally well, volunteering is a huge part of her commitment to CommonBond. Hayley sits on many committees across the organization, helps organize advocacy efforts, ensures resident voices are heard and amplified, speaks at Board meetings and donor recognition events, and volunteers at our annual Birdies for Hope golf tournament, Gala, Volunteer Recognition picnics, and so much else.

In short, Hayley is someone who shows up, leans in, and does this with enthusiasm, positivity, and joy.

Hayley’s winning entry was chosen from among dozens of nominations—all of which were collected over the last year through our employee recognition program, Keys to Success. The Grand Key Award list now hangs proudly in CommonBond’s Central Office and bears Hayley’s name as our 2020 honoree.

Congratulations and thank you to Hayley!


We also want to take a moment to genuinely thank and acknowledge the work and commitment of all staff across the organization. It’s no secret that this last year has been exceptionally difficult, and we acknowledge those difficulties have absolutely translated into both our day-to-day work, as well as the professional and personal lives of our staff. We recognize that at times, simply showing up was a feat of great strength for many. “Above and beyond” has taken on an entirely new meaning, and we can see it means something different for every single staff member based on their role and life circumstances.

Keeping the organization and mission moving forward has depended on both the ordinary and extraordinary efforts of our entire staff—maintenance technicians who face greater potential exposure to COVID while ensuring residents’ homes are functioning as they should; property managers who continue to be available and compassionate for residents who have been struggling; Advantage Services staff who continue supporting residents in finding resources and reaching their goals, even in the middle of a pandemic; operations and administrative support staff ensuring the critical gears keep turning internally; accounting and finance staff who helped us track financials and kept so many functions flowing this past year; development staff who stepped up to ensure that the donations and support don’t stop even during such a tough time; real estate and construction teams working to continue creating more affordable homes for more people; and everyone in between.

Congratulations again to Hayley, and thank you to every single CommonBond staff member who has continued to show up and keep our mission moving forward.



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