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Health & Wellness Spotlight: A Vibrant Community

“Health & Wellness programs are more than just exercise, lectures, and workshops; our programs offer residents an opportunity to share experiences, encourage one another, and learn from each other.” - Gail 

At CommonBond, Advantage Services life-enhancing services that provide support and opportunities for CommonBond residents are tied to four strategic priorities: Stability & Independence, Education & Advancement, Community Building & Engagement, and Health & Wellness.  

Health & Wellness programs are provided within our housing communities via workshops and classes that support residents’ capacity to thrive and remain independent. This programming promotes healthy living and aims to improve participants’ wellbeing.

Gail, CommonBond Health & Wellness Manager, fosters an engaged community within her classes and helps participants feel safe, welcomed, and successful in their health and wellness journey. She knows the programs are helping residents see improvement in their health. 

Nancy is one of those residents. She has lived at CommonBond’s Seward Tower East in Minneapolis for over 30 years and has benefitted from participating in Health & Wellness classes on topics such as Fall Prevention, Chronic Pain, and Diabetes.  “I’ve lost weight. I’ve gotten off one of my medications. I’m trying to eat healthy now,” she says. In addition to supporting participants’ health and exercise journeys, classes also help build a sense of community and camaraderie among community members.

This programming offers the space for residents to improve their health and do it within a supportive community. When asked what home means to her, Nancy says, “Home is having a safe environment where I’m happy and can flourish.” Health & Wellness is all about residents taking an active part in their communities, learning and growing within themselves, and flourishing together as vibrant connections form. 


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