4 Nonprofits Helping Iowa Derecho Storm Victims

Storm damage after Iowa derecho

Last week, many communities and homes were devastated by an extreme weather event called a derecho storm in Iowa. The derecho—a massive, long-lasting storm with hurricane qualities characterized by extreme winds and thunderstorms—flattened power lines and fields of crops, and caused severe damage to homes and businesses across the state.

Over 500 CommonBond residents live in our nine Iowa housing communities—all of which were affected by the derecho in some way. Some were without power for an entire week, and as of this writing, phone lines and internet are still down. That means food has spoiled, people can’t contact their friends or family, critical medications couldn’t be refrigerated, medical equipment couldn’t be turned on, and simply put, people are hurting.

For CommonBond residents who were already struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, these losses are devastating. In addition to deeply appreciating our CommonBond staff in Iowa, we also have great neighbors: there are several organizations on the ground, working to ensure help comes to those who need it most—and they could use your support. You can help CommonBond residents and everyone affected by the Iowa derecho by supporting these organizations:

  1. Mercy Chefs: A faith-based, nonprofit disaster relief organization that serves professionally prepared meals to victims, volunteers, and first responders in national emergencies and natural disasters.
  2. The ROC Center: This group provides services for the community that offer opportunities for a new life, a new hope, and a new future. Their five areas of impact include: Education, Recreation, Business Partnerships, Community Support, and Spiritual Growth & Development.
  3. Operation BBQ Relief: They provide comfort to those in need by connecting, inspiring, serving, and educating in communities far and wide. Operation BBQ Relief continues to respond to natural disasters and other situations to help feed displaced residents and emergency personnel.
  4. Convoy of Hope: this faith-based nonprofit has a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, and disaster response.

When an extreme weather event such as a derecho happens, it can be difficult to find meaningful ways to help. And when you aren’t personally impacted, the devastation can feel far away—even farther once the images and stories fade from the news. But there are so many people whose lives have been upturned by this Iowa derecho storm, and especially during a pandemic, getting back to “normal” requires the help and support of us all.

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