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Housing & Support

We believe a home is the foundation for everything in life. Helping CommonBond residents overcome the injustices tied to a stable home and an equitable future remains at the core of everything we do. Not only do we connect residents with the housing that will help them thrive, but we also make sure they can stay there for years to come. That allows residents to make connections in the community, and to meet their goals to help them stay on the track to stability.

It’s not just housing assistance. It’s a launch pad to housing stability and new opportunity for residents. A place to call their own. A place to raise a family. A place of peace and rest.

Welcome Home, Neighbor

CommonBond creates affordable homes and thriving communities through smart real estate decisions and collaboration. We develop and staff real estate properties to better serve our residents, build true community, and provide affordable housing to those who need it most. Read more about our approach to real estate and property management.

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Fighting Poverty, One Family at a Time

When there’s stability at home, individuals and families are set up to thrive in every other area of life. We also know an affordable apartment alone doesn’t make a home. The buildings we manage are just the first step in creating bright tomorrows and attacking poverty head-on. Our communities build a sense of belonging and offer the support our residents need to help reach their goals.

We own or manage more than 7,000 high-quality, affordable apartments and townhomes across Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. We provide an integration of housing and on-site services that support residents each and every day. Our services give kids the tools they need to be successful in school and life, and help adults get better jobs so their wages can support their families. Our tailored services also support seniors to live independently longer and assist veterans with maintaining stability.

Support, Encouragement, and Celebration

Our Advantage Services team gets in front of obstacles that threaten what residents need so badly — a stable home. Even when the going gets tough, we believe CommonBond residents deserve access to the tools to build their best lives. Staff at locations across our communities provide services like tutoring, eviction prevention, legal help, resume building and so much more.

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Planning for Bright Futures

95% of teens engaged in future and post-secondary school planning through the Teen Programs.

Finding Long-lasting Stability

Last year, staff worked with 52 families as they moved into homeownership, helping them continue on a path to long-lasting stability

Building Community

2,492 residents and community members participated in community-building events.
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