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How to Find Volunteer Opportunities in Milwaukee Right Now

Volunteering is a critical way to support your neighbors and to show up for your community. By selecting a cause or organization you feel passionate about supporting, you can help create positive change. To help, we’ve put together a guide of volunteer opportunities that will make a difference in< the Milwaukee community. How can I volunteer in Milwaukee?

How can I volunteer in Milwaukee?

Tutor kids in the community

CommonBond offers virtual youth volunteer opportunities set up to help tutor Milwaukee youth, from elementary school age, through high school. An adult taking time to give them one-on-one help can make a huge difference and set them up for academic success.

Support your local food banks with donations or labor

If you’re looking for places to volunteer in Milwaukee, food banks are one of the most important ways to show your support. By either donating or supporting kitchens with volunteer hours, you can help people facing the crisis of food insecurity that’s been worsened by the record levels of unemployment. Here are a few places in Milwaukee you can volunteer

Donate to a favorite nonprofit organization

Of course, one of the best ways to support the Milwaukee community is by donating to the organizations that are working every day to affect change. This is an especially important option for people who can’t directly volunteer at places like food banks because of the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Fortunately, Milwaukee is home to hundreds of amazing nonprofit organizations you can research and choose to support. If you’re having trouble deciding where to start, Charity Navigator helps you make informed decisions on where to donate.

We know choosing organizations is an important process, and we encourage people to select the nonprofits they believe will truly create change. If you are interested in funding affordable housing efforts, take time to learn about CommonBond’s mission of providing local communities with stable and safe housing with onsite support services.

Donate blood

Blood and platelet donations are needed for patients with cancer or anemia. Donations are also crucial in surgeries and other medical procedures where someone has lost blood. The American Red Cross regularly experiences shortages of blood donations, especially with the more rare blood types. Learn more about the Milwaukee-area chapter and set up an appointment as a volunteer blood donor.

Deliver groceries for elderly neighbors and check in on vulnerable family or neighbors

Simply checking in on elderly neighbors, family members and friends is one powerful way to connect and foster positivity. People in more vulnerable populations, including older adults, are at risk of loneliness and depression. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in Milwaukee that include simply chatting with these neighbors, reading to them, playing games or doing crafts, and more. This simple gesture can go a long way in helping others feel cared for and encouraged.

Another way to help these Milwaukee communities is by running errands for folks who may not be able to do these tasks themselves. Picking up groceries or prescriptions saves them from trips to the store.

There’s a way to volunteer for everyone who cares about Milwaukee

Regardless of your schedule or budget, there are always ways to help the Milwaukee community. Always remember that even the most simple of kind gestures can go a long way in helping spread positivity and growth. There’s plenty to accomplish in Milwaukee right now, so what matters is that you’re showing up and learning how to best support your city.

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