If we care about justice and repair, we have to care about housing

At CommonBond Communities, we believe a home – whether rented or owned – is the foundation for everything in life, and that’s never been more true than it was during the past year. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year, we honor our founders’ intent to use housing as a way to fight racial and economic injustice.

At our founding in 1971, redlining, covenant communities, and predatory lending were looming large across Minnesota and the nation. Fifty years later, we still believe that housing justice is directly tied to racial justice, as our communities continue to feel the impacts of racist housing and planning policies. And in the last year, the health and economic impacts of the pandemic—which has disproportionately impacted people of color—continue to demonstrate the link between racial and housing justice and the health of our communities.

CommonBond’s Executive Vice President of Housing & Services, Dr. Thomas Adams, wrote an op-ed recently published in the Pioneer Press, and in it he unpacks these ties between racial justice and housing justice. Writing from his personal experience as well as his expertise in the field, he looks back at history and provides suggestions for repair in the future. As he wrote, “Both the pandemic and ongoing violence fueled by racism continue to demonstrate that a commitment to justice and to community, in all its forms, must always sit at the heart of our work.”

For the full details—and to learn how you can take action in support of housing justice today—check out the full op-ed as published in the Pioneer Press here:  Thomas Adams: If we care about justice and repair, we have to care about housing

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