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Lifting Spirits with Art at Northpoint and Falls Meadowridge

Amidst all of the difficulties that COVID-19 has introduced, CommonBond staff are committed to finding ways to connect and spark some joy within our communities. Recently, staff at Northpoint Townhomes and Falls Meadowridge Townhomes organized some creative remote activities with their residents to help lift spirits.

The “Color Northpoint Beautiful” contest at Northpoint was a sidewalk chalk art activity that residents could participate in by drawing an uplifting message or picture of something that makes them happy. Below you can see pictures of the winning drawings.

Photo of sidewalk chalk art. There is a drawing of a doughnut, and beneath it are the words "Doughnut Be Mean," written in blue chalk. Beneath the text is a drawing of a person's face smiling. This image captures sidewalk chalk art. In the top left corner, the words "Just Keep Swimming" are above a purple fish drawn in a fishbowl. Below this is a vase of water with three flowers in it. At the bottom of the image is an ice cream cone with three scoops of ice cream (blue, red, and yellow), with text to the left that says, "I scream, you scream, we all do for ice cream." This image shows sidewalk chalk art doodles. In the top of the frame is an American flag; just below is an outline of a cat's face. Below that is a rainbow and a large flower. At the bottom of the frame is an upside down sunset or sunrise, an outline of a bird, and a peace sign.

At Falls Meadowridge, residents decorated their windows with handcrafted hearts as a way of showing support and inspiring hope among neighbors. The “Hearts of Hope” activity was inspired by the worldwide movements of the same name (also known as “World of Hearts”) to help uplift community members—especially those who have been deemed essential workers—and foster connection in spite of the pandemic. Check out some of the displays of love and hope in windows at Falls Meadowridge homes below!


Thank you to the staff who organized these creative activities and to the residents who participated—and thus helped to bring a little more hope and joy to our communities!


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